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    Intalnirea a managerilor de festivaluri culturale in Ungaria


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    Intalnirea a managerilor de festivaluri culturale in Ungaria Empty Intalnirea a managerilor de festivaluri culturale in Ungaria

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    Stimati operatori culturali,

    Primiti in continuare o invitatie de a participa la intalnirea informala a managerilor de festival in cadrul Festivalului International de Teatru THEALTER. Intalnirea va avea loc la Szeged in 18 iulie 2010. Termenul limita de inscriere este 2 iulie.

    Echipa PCC

    Punctul de Contact Cultural al Romaniei ,

    Centrul de Cercetare si Consultanta in Domeniul Culturii
    str. Barbu Delavrancea 57, sector 1, Bucuresti, 011353
    Tel / fax: 021 316 60 60; 021 316 60 61

    Let’s Talk!
    an informal meeting for theatre festival managers
    18 July 2010, 2 p.m.
    Szeged, Hungary

    Within the frame of THEALTER international theatre festival,
    THEALTER international theatre festival in Szeged, Hungary, celebrates its 20th edition this summer. The
    programme of the festival focuses on independent, fringe theatre and dance productions, offering new and fresh,
    exciting productions both from Hungary and from abroad, mainly form the Central-European region.
    The festival is organised by MASZK Association, a small non-profit company that also offers high-quality cultural
    events (theatre, dance, music, literature) in spring and autumn as well as manages small theatre companies and
    supports young talents.
    The organisers of THEALTER festival have recognised a need to widen their professional network and to look for
    new ways to find partners for cooperating on an EU level. Countries from our region are still quite underrepresented
    in the EU’s Culture Programme, for example, and they tend to be co-organisers and partners rather than project
    leaders. Festival managers often find it also difficult to visit other festivals due to financial constraints.
    Communication is more or less restricted to e-mailing, but there is no substitute for being there, sitting down
    together and talking to each other.
    Let’s Talk! is intended to be an informal meeting to gather representatives of theatre festivals and offer them a place
    to meet and discuss ideas, on the third day of THEALTER festival.
    The main objectives of the meeting are:
    - to meet and talk in person
    - to introduce festivals and their achievements
    - to share experiences of international cooperation
    - to discuss and find ideas for future cooperation
    - to network, to build up further professional contacts
    Thanks to the support of OSI – Open Society Institute, THEALTER festival can offer accommodation and two meals
    a day for a limited number of participants, for about 10 managers, for a maximum of four nights. (Participants will
    have to cover the costs of travel themselves.) Free tickets to the festival performances will also be provided.
    In order to be able to choose those participants whose accommodation and meals will be provided by THEALTER
    festival, we kindly ask festival managers who are interested to come to fill in a short application form.
    Preference during the selection will be given to festivals:
    - that mainly offer independent productions both from their home country and from abroad
    - that take place in our region (Central-Europe, Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, i.e. the ex-Socialist
    - that have been running for more than five years
    - that have a deep interest in cooperating on a European level
    Please fill in our application form and send it back to us to till 2 July 2010 the latest.
    We will notify you on 5 July whether we can provide accommodation and meals for you.
    Festival managers who would be interested to come even if THEALTER festival cannot cover their costs, and are
    willing to fund their visit themselves, are obviously also welcome!
    The programme of THEALTER festival is being finalised now. Please visit for updates and detailed
    information regularly, or ‘like’ us on Facebook on, where relevant information will
    be posted in English, too.
    In case you have questions, please feel free to contact us at
    We hope to meet you in Szeged!

    József Balog
    Artistic director of THEALTER
    President of MASZK Association Let’s Talk!

    Györgyi Bodon
    programme manager

    Let’s Talk!
    an informal meeting for theatre festival managers
    18 July 2010, 2 p.m.
    Szeged, Hungary
    Within the frame of THEALTER international theatre festival

    Application form

    Phone Office: …………………. Mobile:
    Festival website

    Please introduce your festival briefly! (activities, staff, history, etc.)
    What is your motivation to take part in the meeting?
    How much experience do you have in cooperating on an international level?

    Day of arrival
    Day of departure
    Means of travel to Szeged
    In case the festival cannot cover your main costs in Szeged, are you willing to/can you cover them yourself?

    Deadline for application: 2 July 2010 the latest
    Contact: MASZK Association,

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