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    Rezidenta externa pentru artisti tineri


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    Rezidenta externa pentru artisti tineri

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    Romanian A.I.R. Abroad
    Artists-in-Residence (A.I.R.) Programs for Romanian Artists Abroad.

    We are announcing opening of a new Artists-in-Residency program to benefit Romanian young artists under 31 years old, interested in participating to art residencies, for a period of 2 up to 12 months, in other countries of the world, particularly in non-European area. English language knowledge mandatory.

    Read Guidelines and more details here: (A.I.R. page).

    Download here Application form (including submission details): residenceapplication-inotherstates

    Please note that this is not a competition, and only our preselected candidates will be notified on the process ahead. We reserve the right to choose the artists that best match our profile sought. We estimate to arrange residencies for up to two artists during 2011.

    Alexandra Bodea

    yea-network a.i.r. artistic advisor ... + ... exhibition coordinator of Artbooth Spaces #1,#2,#3

    For further info contact A.I.R. support person: Luminita Ratiu, at:

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