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    Laborator Urban Mobil LUM(3)2009


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    Laborator Urban Mobil LUM(3)2009 Empty Laborator Urban Mobil LUM(3)2009

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    laBOMBAstudios continuity – a pilot that can be disseminated in other neighborhoods of Bucharest.

    Re - Inventing a space where children of the community meet the artists
    The space keeps his former functions (a small bar and the tailor atelier), but has other functions also: place to build musical instruments, place for dance, place for meetings and place for improvisations with actors and directors.

    LUM3 2009 started its activities on 9th of January this year (2009). Continuing the previous activities with the children of Rahova, the Laboratory aims to create an artistic community composed by the children and contemporary artists from different fields: contemporary dance ( Manuel Pelmus, Paul Dunca and Brynjard Bendlien) from the National Centre of Dance – that became one of the parteners of the project), theatre ( director Irina Gadiuta, director/playwright – Gianina Carbunariu, the actors Carmen Florescu, Virgil Aioanei, Rolando Matsangos, Madalina Ghitescu), musicians ( Aristide Allegria-Panaitescu, Mihai Iordache, Emanuel ionescu, Cristian Stefanescu), visual artists (Maria Draghici and Neil Coltofeanu) – 12 trainers. There were invited to participate in the project young students who are interested to get experience in this kind of activities ( 5 co-trainers). The aim is to train other people who could join the next projects as trainers or they could develop other similar or original projects in the future.

    LUM3 2009 has as parteners the National Museum for Contemporary Arts (MNAC), The National Centre of Dance (CNDB), INTERCULT (Stochkolm) and the University of Theatre and Cinema Bucharest (UNATC) .
    The children participants: the children from Rahova Uranus (15); the children from the Orphanage Pinocchio (4); the children from Juvenile Delincvence Centre Titan (4) and other children from Bucharest (7).
    The idea of the project was to work together with the children of the community in workshops 4 days a month: one week-end in laBOMBAsudios ( Saturday and Sunday from 12 am to 17 pm) and one week-end in MNAC (the same). The trainers (coreographers, musiciens, theatre people, visual artists) are supposed to work together, in teams, sharing the space and the knowledge in an interdisciplinary project.

    Working in a team project / the creative community

    January, 15th : the zero point The artists with the children of the community were welcomed inside the laBOMBAsudios to prepare the space for the future activities of the center. Everybody contributed to clean and rearrange the space accordingly to the way they wished to work in it. The spaces of the center were designed and re-invented for the first time as: place for the workshops, the music desk, the library, the place of the reader, the cafeteria, the music atelier, the bathrooms.

    the dance project One team composed of trainer and 3-5 kids work together to compose a dance moment that represents them and then each group presents his work to the other groups. Each group expresses what he liked a lot in the other propositions.
    - everybody has a dance style: each participant proposes his combination of steps. Then all the participants reproduce each combination. Then everybody’s dancing together on a proposed combination of steps and this combination is developed each time.

    games coreographers and actors to create creativity of the body, focusing on coordonation and tasks inside the group.

    radio play Radio laBOMBA is a work that aims to develop the creativity of the group, to bring together different kinds of expression and to help the group to focus on different tasks and then to interconnect them. The groups of 3-5 kids prepare the radio on transmission trying to fulfill different tasks: one group invents the news of the day, the weather presentation (the news and the weather report are purely invented starting from reality but they re-invent it accordingly with the children fantasy and wishes), another group the football news, another group invents commercials (most of the objects advertised are not real, they are invented: the magic ring, the magic hat), another group invents the music of the radio( with recycling objects or with sound composed with the body) etc. There is a radio journalist and a guest who is interviewed. All the kids participating in the other groups can “call” and put questions to the journalist and to the guest.
    loud recycling Groups of 6-8 children visit the lands in the neighborhood and chose objects they like on this principle: the object can produce at least two sounds while manipulated. The next step: give personality to the found object and makes it theirs: the children color, collate colored materials on the plastic bottles, lamps etc. Each group composes 6-8 pieces based on rhythms proposed by each child. In the end, they present to the others their pieces and create a rhythm together.
    the man without stories Each group of 3-5 kids draws the outline of one trainer. The next step is to fill the draw line of the body with their personal stories or wishes or invented stories. The group gives a name to this man who has now a personality given by the amount of stories he has inside. The men are exhibit on laBOMBAsudios walls.

    documenting neighborhood Mapping Rahova-Uranus, the children make photos and tell stories about places and people they know in the aria. They also draw personal maps of the surroundings. The group of children were created like this: 2 children from Rahova guide the trainer and the children from Pinocchio or other parts of the city to show them the arias they like and they play in Rahova, telling them stories, describing the games they play. During the trip, the children outside Rahova connected their own games and stories with the ones told by the Rahova-Uranus children.
    sensitive mapping the National Museum of Contemporary Art The groups of children were traveling through the museum choosing objects and spaces they feel connected to and express their interests in what what they saw, felt, touched.
    creativity community tree ( in process) First step: each participant (trainer and 3-4 kids) writes a short presentation on what they know to do and they can share with the other, what they wish to do in the future and what they would like to find out how to do. Second step: each participant presents his presentation in front of the others. The third step: on the base of these presentations, during 4-6 workshops, the trainers and the children explore the world of each participant and different groups (example: participants bring an object they like, they describe it and tell a story about it, then invent another story using the object in another three ways). Fourth step: the children of the community Rahova Uranus are connected by the family and neighborhood and they are composing the majority of participants because the program is located in Rahova Uranus. So, there is already a family tree of Rahova Uranus children. On the base on what they know and want to share, but also on the base of what they want to learn from the other children participants and trainers, they invite them to join the tree, creating this way the creative community tree. At the end of the workshops, everybody will be involved in the process of creating the map of the creative community tree.
    socializing soup During the two parts of the workshop, the lunch break is created in order to spend more time together. The future steps of this program intend to develop a project that connects the mothers of the children to the creative community. They will share and improvise recipes with the actual chef of the program.

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