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    Festival international in Coreea de Sud


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    Festival international in Coreea de Sud Empty Festival international in Coreea de Sud

    Mesaj  Maier la data de Mar 1 Mar 2011 - 22:32

    Dear friends,

    I write you to give info about World Culture Expo 2011 which will start on 12th, August and finish on 10th, October in South Korea.

    The groups will be invited to the festival in one-week periods. You will be able to perform your dances with maximum 20 dancers with live music or CD. The expenses of transportation in Korea, accomodation and food expenses are covered by the festival committee. The groups will present two performances of 30 minutes per day.

    We ask the groups that would like to join the festival to contact with us. More detailed info will be sent to the concerned groups.


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