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    Pro Helvetia – Project & Mobility Grants


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    Pro Helvetia – Project & Mobility Grants Empty Pro Helvetia – Project & Mobility Grants

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    The Swiss agency for art and culture is active on national and international levels.

    It supports the creation of artistic work in various fields and its public dissemination as well as residencies and mobility for artists and cultural professionals.
    The different programs encourage artistic and cultural exchange between Switzerland and other countries or regions through the collaboration with liaison offices.

    What is eligible for Pro Helvetia support

    Pro Helvetia supports only projects that meet the following criteria:

    ■They are in conformity with the Arts Council’s purpose
    ■They are connected with Swiss cultural life
    ■They are implemented by recognised cultural practitioners and event organisers
    ■They have a reasonable cost-benefit ratio
    ■They are publically accessible
    ■They are of national or international significance.
    The concept and implementation of projects qualifying for support are characterised by high artistic or technical quality, an innovative approach or masterly shaping of tradition, as well as by an element of sustainability.

    Applications are evaluated by the specialist departments responsible for the individual discipline areas:

    ■Visual Arts
    ■Literature and Society
    The individual discipline areas have further criteria of their own.

    For further details please check on the website the Guides for Applicants for each section

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